Recruiting is not easy, fast or cheap. However, with the right knowledge, it can be easier to do it right. As a user of Workspace Recruit, you get the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in areas that simplify and improve your recruitment processes.

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Read what recruiting managers in Sweden say about recruitment, challenges and trends in 2022.

Workspace Recruits' Recruitment Report 2022 is based on a survey conducted by YouGov, where managers and recruiters nationwide answered questions related to recruitment and staffing. The report is aimed at HR, recruitment and management professionals to provide insights into recruitment, challenges and trends in 2022. 

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Automated recruitment

Learn the benefits of recruiting completely digitally, automated and with increased documented validity. What requirements does it place on the recruitment process by managing it completely digitally? How is the requirements profile structured? How can screening tests be applied, which selection questions are applied?

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Competency-based recruitment

Increase the validity of the recruitment processes and recruit skills-based. Make sure that all parts of your organization are based on a similar process, structure, competence battery and templates. How is the structure and process set up? How is quality ensured at all levels?

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Finding the right candidate is much more than just advertising broadly on job search sites. 
It’s also about: