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Yes! The Workspace Recruit recruitment platform is GDPR-compliant. Candidates choose for themselves whether they want to opt-in to the terms and can at any time choose to completely remove their applications or opt-out to have control over who has access to their applications and personal data. They are automatically deleted after 24 months in accordance with the GDPR and the Discrimination Act if they do not choose to keep their data in Workspace Recruit. So you can just sit back Workspace Recruit takes care of GDPR for you!

Read more about how we handle personal data in our Privacy Policy.

Many! In workspace Recruit, you can get your job advertisement out in the channels below. However, who you have access to may vary depending on which of our recruitment companies you have an agreement with.

  • Job boards Workspace Recruit, Monster, Blocket jobb, Jobbsafari, Indeed, Platsbanken, nische sites such as Ingenjörsjobb, säljjobb, ITjobb, Ekonomijobb and more.

  • Social media: Target group optimized campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (note: not a job ad but a sponsored post)

  • The recruitment company's website: Poolia, Qrios, Roi Rekrytering or Uniflex

  • Your own website Through our Job portal and Career page solutions, you can list available jobs directly on or directly connected to your website.

The main difference is the price, number of recruits and users and how advanced features you need. With a Freemium account, you can quickly get started and test the recruitment tool completely free of charge for up to 3 recruitments. With a Premium account, you can start as many recruitments as you want and get access to all the extra functions that make recruitment efficient and incredibly easy!

Absolutely! With workspace recruit, you can log in yourself and design, edit and keep your employer brand alive. Both of our solutions Career page and Jobportal PRO, which are included in a Premium license, you have access to edit and style yourself.

No problem! Then Jobbportal PRO is the solution for you. It is a script that you put on your website on the page where you want all the vacancies that you publish in the recruitment tool Workspace Recruit to be listed. The installation of the script only takes a few minutes and you get a seamless integration to the recruitment platform directly on your website or career page.

No, it costs nothing extra to send SMS to candidates from the recruitment platform, it is included in both the Freemium and Premium license. 

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