workspace premium

Analyze, streamline and automate your recruitment

Get access to advanced features, an unlimited number of recruitments, advertise for free on some of the biggest job portals, maximize the platform, and minimize the time you spend on recruitment.  

2 400 sek / month

this is what you get in workspace premium

Set higher demands on your ATS (Application Tracking System), recruit efficiently, automatically, and analyze the outcome. Workspace Premium is for you or your team who need to interact with each other and the candidates. Create your own recruitment flows, raise the candidate experience to the next level and spend time on the candidates - not the administration.

In addition to all basic functions, you also get access to:

Get out wider and more effectively!

With Workspace Premium you get access to a range of free advertising opportunities, but also unique package offers that contain some of Sweden's largest job search sites and social media. Let our AI inspire an attractive ad and you'll quickly get started with recruitment and spread widely with your job ad. Read more about Workspace Premium packages here

Make it easy for your candidates!

Work with simplicity for the candidates and build the application form as needed. If you do not need a CV - then remove it. If you do not need a personal letter, then remove it. Complete the application form with key questions, or collect the candidates and collect more information in step two!  The reminder function also makes it easy for candidates to apply at a later time when it suits them.

Take your employer brand to the next level!

With a Workspace Premium license you get access to a flexible and user-friendly tool where you can build a professional career page! List all your vacancies with seamless integration to the recruitment tool, set up spontaneous applications, and take advantage of the candidates who show interest in you as an employer and strengthen your employer brand. Do you already have a career page? Instead, use Jobbportal PRO - where you can list all available jobs directly on your website and get the applications directly into the recruitment tool! 

recruit data-driven and measurable!

Collect data, measure KPI:er and recruit the right one with a few simple button presses. With Workspace Premium you get access to statistical functions that show the behavior of both you as a user and candidates who apply. It is easy to analyze the outcome and follow up on the key figures in recruitment that are important. You also get access to history both at the recruitment level and for the entire company account.

Workspace Recruit features

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