Recruitment automation


Put recruiting on autopilot and let Workspace Recruit do the heavy lifting for you. With the help of automations and triggers, you can devote yourself to what really counts; the candidates and the recruitment craft.

you can automate this

moving candidates based on application questions

Add selection questions in the application process and connect triggers to the answers and Workspace Recruit will sort the candidates for you. Excellent function for large numbers of applicants or for spontaneous applications.

communication with candidates

Automate emails and SMS to candidates and help make their experience really good. Feedback is the fundamentals of a recruitment process, so by automating communication without skimping on the personal touch, it gives candidates a great experience.

Send out supplementary questions

By sending out supplementary questions via automation, you can handle many more candidates at the same time. Use supplementary questions to make contact with interesting candidates, keep more people in the recruitment process, and get all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision about who you should take on to the next step!

send out occupational psychology tests to candidates

Automatically send occupational psychology tests to candidates of interest.

This is an ENTERPRISE feature

Move candidates based on their test scores

Move candidates forward in the hiring process based on their test scores.

This is an ENTERPRISE feature

this is always automated

Confirmation email for the application

All candidates who apply for a position via Workspace Recruit always receive a confirmation email automatically sent to them.

GDPR email
All candidates are automatically notified in accordance with GDPR if they wish to save or delete their data in the system.

advantages of recruitment automation

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