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Therefore, anonymized recruitment is important

Recruit without discrimination. Anonymisation of CV or "blind recruitment" has been in vogue for a while, but what does it mean in practice and is it something you need to emphasize when recruiting?

To be able to work more competence-based and open-minded in a recruitment process, anonymisation is a way to go. Anonymisation can work as a selection method where you hide personal information in a CV. It can, for example, be about age, gender, name or which city you live in. In other words, information that has no bearing on how well you would perform in a potential professional role.

How do you work anonymously with recruitment?

By hiding or removing the personal information from the candidates' CVs, the emphasis is on relevant information that can be used to match the requirements profile that has been established for the role. This ultimately means that you can make a qualified selection based on work experience, qualifications and education.

An anonymous selection for a competence-based recruitment

Anonymizing recruitment is important in order to ensure that the recruitment process is unbiased and that the selection is based on competence and nothing else. With an anonymous selection, you eliminate the risk of consciously or unconsciously selecting competent candidates due to preconceived notions about the person's gender, ethnicity or place of residence.

Are you curious about how you could work more anonymously and skills-based with the recruitment in your company?

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