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Roi launches anonymization with AI

Anonymisation in the recruitment tool Workspace Recently, an AI feature was released in our recruitment tool Workspace. The plan is for artificial intelligence to function as support when we streamline and quality assure the recruitment processes.
Research shows that you often hire people who are similar to you, but is this always the right person for the job? There is a risk of systematically opting out of competent candidates, even if this usually happens unknowingly. To access the problem, an anonymised recruitment process is a good way to go.

AI anonymizes the candidates

In the recruitment tool Workspace, you can now (with the help of AI) work anonymously with all applications that enter the system. The AI ​​function in Workspace seeks out and hides personal information such as. name, age and place of residence.

The advantage of using AI is that it benefits both the candidates and you who work with the recruitment. Candidates get a fairer assessment plus they can still submit their resume without having to fill out a lot of long, cumbersome forms. This in turn has an effect on the number of applications, which is often higher when the application process is simple and it is quick to submit your application.


AI does not replace the recruiter

-Roi Recruitment AI never aims to replace the recruiter. Recruitment is a craft that can not be replaced by modern technology, but the focus for our AI is instead on relieving the recruiter, says Jenny Sandén, driving force for the AI ​​project at Roi Rekrytering.




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