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How to avoid an incorrect recruitment!

An incorrect recruitment costs a lot of time and money. Anyone who has made a wrong recruitment knows what I'm talking about. A candidate can conceivably tick all the boxes, but how do you ensure that it is the right skills that will participate in the team?

Even if it feels completely right, a recruitment can not be guaranteed 100% in the sense that there will never be any kind of problem with the person being hired, as both people and situations change. What recruitment is all about is making a qualified guess based on facts to predict how well a candidate will fit for a position. One looks at what has been to with a certain probability draw a conclusion about what will be.

You can do many things to prevent a wrong recruitment, here are some tips for those who want to handle the recruitment under their own auspices. If you use a recruitment company, they usually have some form of guarantee and have a routine in the processes to avoid incorrect recruitment.

Work thoroughly

The first thing you should think about is to do a thorough preparation. Wrong recruitments are often about having to hurry through the preparatory work, which means that it has not been determined internally what skills and qualities the new employee should have. And think about it, how will it be right if you have not internally come to what is right?
Make a clear description of what a new employee should do, write a clear requirements profile, talk to the team / managers that the new employee should work with. What are requirements and what are wishes? What should the person be like? How can the role of the new employee be developed in the future? Spend some time getting a well-developed requirements profile, it affects the entire recruitment process.

Be clear with your expectations

Write a clear ad with a clear difference in requirements and meritorious knowledge / experience - the clearer you are, the more relevant and qualifying candidates you will get. However, remember to keep a tone that represents the company in the ad.

Trust your gut feeling!

You know your company, the values ​​you have and the culture the new employee enters. Everything looks good on paper but your gut feeling says otherwise, then take in a second opinion. Many times a third party can put your gut feeling into words.

If you have any questions or feel unsure, contact one of us at Workspace Recruit for help.

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