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How to write a really good job advertisement

Write a good job ad and attract more (and better) candidates! A good job advertisement is a must when it comes to capturing the interest of potential candidates and presenting your company. It should not be too long, not contain clichés and perhaps most important of all: it should be exciting enough to submit an application! So what does it take to create a good job ad? We list our best tips!

Clear, descriptive and enticing title

The title or title of the job advertisement should be short, concise and clear. Avoid internal and flashy professional titles that no one is looking for. It only creates question marks. You want a headline that captures the right audience, that is easy to understand and that attracts to read more.

Start from a requirements profile

Step number one when hiring is always to establish a requirements profile for the intended service. The requirements profile becomes your guide throughout the entire recruitment and is a good basis to start from when you design the job advertisement. The cornerstones of the requirements profile should be clearly stated in the advertisement. Just remember not to be too specific. It is better to highlight the most important and central tasks and instead mention that the service includes other chores as well.

Clear outline

A clear structure with bold headlines makes it easier to skim through the ads. It should be easy to find information such as where the job is located, what tasks you can expect and information about the employment. Is the position a temporary position? Full time? Does the service involve a lot of travel?

Pitch yourself in with the candidates

This is your chance to sell to the candidate and give a good impression. It is not just you who will choose the candidate - the candidate must choose you too! Do you have a wonderful culture in the workplace or offer breakfast every Friday, write it. Make sure you raise your offer! A job advertisement should also include a brief description of you as a company. Here, the company culture and your values ​​should be clearly stated so that the candidates get a chance to form an opinion of you as an employer.

Avoid clichés in the job advertisement

This means that you do not differentiate yourself and it does not really say anything about the service or your organization. For the same reason that candidates should avoid using clichés and instead describe or give concrete examples, the same applies to you. You are perceived as clearer in what you are looking for and your candidates get a clearer picture of what is expected in the role.

Good luck!

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