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What does a recruitment cost?

Well, how much does it really cost to recruit? The workforce changes over time and sooner or later it is time to recruit. Then comes the big question - What does a recruitment cost? The simple answer is "It depends".

The ready-made solutions that are presented are not always what you need. Therefore, it is important to be aware that you do not pay dearly for a complete solution where you yourself could have done parts of the job at least as well - or even better.


Where do you start?

Start by thinking about what you need help with and how much resources you have in the form of time and knowledge to spend on a recruitment yourself.


Checklist for recruiting cost-effectively

  • Do you just need help with reach out to the right channels with advertising and target the ads to the right audience is located?
  • Do you want help all the way but want to do the final interviews yourself?
  • Have you already found a candidate and need help with reference taking and validation?
  • Or do you want to do all by yourself?


Get help from a recruitment tool

If you choose to do all the parts yourself, there is good help in the form of a recruitment tool which facilitates the administration of the entire recruitment process. A recruitment tool is a security to lean on, not least in view of GDPR. You also save a lot of time and the management of the recruitment becomes very simple.


What will the recruitment cost?


Feel free to contact you to chat a bit about recruitment, we are happy to help you!

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