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This is how you get the most out of your career page

Focus on your Employer Brand In a market where the candidate has been considerably democratized in recent times thanks to the development of digitalisation, employer branding has gained an increasingly important role on the recruitment market's playing field. For recruiters and employers, career pages where they market themselves and present their business to candidates have become increasingly important.

Many factors come into play when a candidate applies for a job, such as the employer's values, social commitment, work environment and the added value they can offer in addition to the monthly salary and any benefits. Employers' need to convey their driving forces, values ​​and the overall purpose of their business has therefore increased.

Soft and culture-bearing factors are highlighted

In this context, employers' own career pages play an important role. Here they do not just collect all vacancies. On a career page, candidates can also often read interviews with existing employees and managers and learn more about the employer's activities and values. On a career side, the employer is marketed in an attractive and interesting way to prospective employees, here the business is sold to candidates rather than customers.

On the career site, the employer often focuses a lot on soft and culture-bearing factors rather than informing in detail about the products or services they offer.

Strengthen your Employer Brand

A well-worded career site should be responsive and keyword optimized so candidates can easily get there. It should also be linked to the company's regular website. It is also important that visitors can easily share links to, for example, an interesting article on the career site via Facebook and other social media. It may be worth spending a little extra time formulating the content and designing the career site in the most attractive way possible. After all, it serves as a showcase for your entire business to candidates who may very well be your future employees.

Want to know more about how we can help your company strengthen your Employer Brand with a career page with integrated recruitment tools?

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